Boba Bags

I've noticed today on a feed I follow (ig: @bobafordays) of a bubble tea shop in Westminster, California: Beepop Cafe (ig: @beepopcafe). What struck me was the bubble tea served in a clear plastic bag (motto: "bagged drinks are better"). The bag is similar to the collapsible drinking bottles by Platypus and stands upright on its own. It also has a ziploc closure. Unlike a bubble tea served with a typical cellophane top that commits you to finish as soon as you puncture it, the little baggie can be re-sealed. The bubble tea bag also has a finger-hole for simplicity of carrying.

Snow (pearls) in Vietnam

While in Ho Chi Minh City, I stopped by the Koicha Saigon Bubble Tea and Coffee store which opened in mid-November of 2015. It's a lovely teashop with a great range of options in both tea bases and toppings. I tried the sakura tea with snow pearls and was pleasantly suprised. At first, I assumed the translucent, white pearls were artificial tapioca or a type of coconut jelly.

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