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What is bubble tea? Bubble tea is a sweet drink that most often has tapioca pearls or jellies. Click here if you want to see the different types.
If you need to know where you can find bubble tea nearby, findbubbletea.com can probably help you. This purpose of this website is to help you find somewhere to buy bubble tea, whether you call it pearl milk tea, boba tea, or foam milk tea. We are quickly becoming the single largest internet directory for bubble tea shops around the world.

You DON'T need to register to use the site, to add a review, or even to add your favourite tea shop to the list. Use of this website for viewing bubble tea shops is entirely free. You may also list a bubble tea shop on this site if it doesn't already appear, but only registered users can make changes to existing listings. Becoming a registered user is entirely free.

A basic listing is 100% free to create and to view. It shows address and contact information, and it also lists what types of teas (milk tea / fruit slush / green tea / red tea / black tea) are offered plus whether or not additional menu items are available (heated foods, cold foods). A basic listing can be modified by any registered user.

A shop owner can upgrade the listing to PREMIUM for a small fee to secure the listing and prevent other people from making changes. To upgrade a listing to Premium, you don't need to be the owner of the store, but you will need to register as a user (free) and then buy credits from our store.

Most bubble tea shops don't show up on sites such as Google, Urbanspoon, OpenRice, and ChowTimes. They also aren't tailored to the needs of bubble tea addicts. In our listings on findbubbletea.com, you will find what kinds and flavours of tea are used at each location, and whether or not the store uses real fruit, milk, and fresh-brewed tea. Additional menu details can also be added for each store.