New Kung Fu Tea Seventh Massachusetts Location at Allson's Super 88

Buy bubble tea in Allston, Massachusetts -
Allston’s go-to source for Asian fare and groceries has just added a new vendor that serves a wide range of teas. Kung Fu Tea (1 Brighton Ave.) debuted its newest location in Boston earlier this month at Super 88, and the menu covers the full gamut of tea beverages, from bubble teas to taro slushes.
Read the full article HERE by Dana Hatic, Eater Boston

4 places in Athens to visit on National Bubble Tea Day

Buy bubble tea in Athens, Greece -
Bubble Café: Located on College Avenue
180 Degrees Fahrenheit Café: This café is the perfect place to quench your thirst and fill an empty stomach.
Just Pho… and more: serves the famous traditional noodle soup and other Vietnamese meals.
Mother Pho: Located on East Broad Street.
Read the full article HERE by Katie Kim, The Red&Black

University of Guelph student brings bubble tea to Downtown Guelph

Buy bubble tea in Guelph, Ontario -
Earlier this month without much fanfare, bubble tea was brought back to Guelph.
Phoebe Zhang, a masters student in the rural development program at the University of Guelph and her business partner Kathy Dong have recently opened HALF: Milk Tea & Tea Innovation.
Read the full article HERE by Zoey Ross, Guelph Today

Trendy coffee shops are now adding oat milk to your brew

Buy bubble tea in New York -
Move aside, almond milk: There’s a new dairy-free darling in town. Swedish brand Oatly’s oat milk is popping up in coffee shops across the city, quickly becoming the alterna-milk of the moment.
The grain-rich drink isn’t entirely new — Whole Foods sells various brands of oat milk — but baristas say Oatly is the first of its kind to foam, stand up to bold coffee and actually taste good.
Read the full article HERE by Molly Shea, New York Post

Suntory explains the simple science behind Transparent Tea

Here's a recent demonstration of extracting the key parts of tea into a colourless liquid.
In order to dispel the myth that the Transparent Black Tea is nothing but a soup of artificial flavorings, Suntory produced a simple video showing how it’s done. Water is first boiled to produce water vapor, which becomes infused with aroma when passed through loose black tea leaves. The gas then gets cooled in a condenser, leaving behind crystal clear liquid that still retains the tea’s bouquet of flavors.
Read the full article HERE by Koh Ruide, Sora News 24

Boba Bags

I've noticed today on a feed I follow (ig: @bobafordays) of a bubble tea shop in Westminster, California: Beepop Cafe (ig: @beepopcafe). What struck me was the bubble tea served in a clear plastic bag (motto: "bagged drinks are better"). The bag is similar to the collapsible drinking bottles by Platypus and stands upright on its own. It also has a ziploc closure. Unlike a bubble tea served with a typical cellophane top that commits you to finish as soon as you puncture it, the little baggie can be re-sealed. The bubble tea bag also has a finger-hole for simplicity of carrying.

Snow (pearls) in Vietnam

While in Ho Chi Minh City, I stopped by the Koicha Saigon Bubble Tea and Coffee store which opened in mid-November of 2015. It's a lovely teashop with a great range of options in both tea bases and toppings. I tried the sakura tea with snow pearls and was pleasantly suprised. At first, I assumed the translucent, white pearls were artificial tapioca or a type of coconut jelly. However, I discover from Koicha's website on this page that the topping is, in fact, a ultra-low calorie noodle called shirataki. Shirataki made from the konjac yam (aka elephant yam). See the Wikipedia entry HERE. The texture was somewhere between a typical black pearl and aloe jelly -- a better match for a light tea than the black pearls.


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