Score Bubble Tea at New Hollywood Park Café

Buy bubble tea in Sacramento, California
Called I-Tea, the fresh arrival joins one previous location for the popular Taiwanese chain in Sacramento. On the menu, tea enthusiasts will find customizable iced and milk tea in a variety of styles, like the Earl Grey milk tea and the passion fruit green tea.
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3 New Spots to Score Bubble Tea in Sacramento

Buy bubble tea in Sacramento, California
i-Tea in Hollywood Park offers a variety of styles, like the Earl Grey milk tea and the passion fruit green tea. The drinks' sweetness levels, toppings and ice levels are customizable.
E Tea menu includes unusual combinations like the chrysanthemum honey tea with aloe; the salty cheese crema tea with roasted oolong; and the Thai tea with boba and grass jelly.
Tea 18 distinguishes itself with brewed-to-order tea drinks. The menu includes offbeat offerings like wintermelon tea with herb jelly, Okinawan brown sugar milk tea, and cheese foam tea as well as more standard fare like pearl milk tea and matcha milk tea.
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Top Up Brings Bubble Tea to Alameda's West End

Buy bubble tea in Alameda, California
A new spot called Top Up has opened for business in Alameda to serve bubble tea, juice and smoothies. There are nine different kinds of fruit teas available, from Mango Tango and Hawaiian Sunset to the Aloha and others. Additionally, there are milk teas, cheesy cream drinks and smoothies in a variety of flavors like coconut, honeydew, strawberry, pineapple and many more. Jazz up your drink with extra toppings like coffee jelly, honey boba, strawberry heart jelly and other options.
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Houston's 3 Newest Spots to Grab a Bubble Tea

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Stop by Muse Tea for flavors like house milk, jasmine, sea salt jasmine and matcha latte. You can add boba, lychee jelly or mango jelly to any tea.
New Vietnamese bubble tea spot JTea has a menu that includes drinks like milk green tea with milk jello, fresh milk with black sugar boba, peach tea, triple berry smoothie and matcha boba milk tea.
I Heart Boba, which has several other outposts, has opened its newest location in Stafford, serving up bubble teas, juice, smoothies and sandwiches. Look for cream teas in flavors like almond, hazelnut, mint, honeydew and mango. Iced tea options include blueberry, lemon, peach, passion fruit, peppermint and pineapple.
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First 24-hour Bubble Tea Store Opens in Singapore

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The Terminal 2 Departure Hall of Changi Airport now houses leading Taiwanese bubble tea brand TP Tea.
Of the 40 items on TP Tea's menu, the star product is the Tie Guan Yin Tea Latte, made with a premium variety of Chinese oolong tea and fresh milk. Other offerings include Honey Lemon with Aloe, Pearl Black Tea Latte with Red Beans and Pearl Milk Tea Soft Serve Ice Cream. This is TP Tea's first venture into South-east Asia. It has 260 outlets in Taiwan and several in the United States.
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Vancouver's New Natural Bubble Tea and Bakery Cafe Opens

Buy bubble tea in Vancouver, BC
Buns + Boba uses whole, natural ingredients for all of their products. Their bubble tea is made with no concentrates or powders, and their boba or tapioca pearls are made naturally too. At Boba they use whole milk in all their bubble tea (as opposed to the typical powdered milk), and they also make fresh oat and nut milk in-house. With a sleek modern interior, all the furniture in Boba was designed by local spatial designer Ryan Tomkinson and produced by local custom wood furniture maker Archetype Concepts.
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O‘ahu’s Top Spots to Sate your Bubble Tea Cravings

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Offering traditional teas, contemporary teas, special blends and coffee, Tea Boss offers a variety of beverages, including Amber Black Tea, Coconut Milk Tea and Oreo Milk Tea.
Shaka Shaka Tea Express offers drinks made with natural ingredients and fresh fruits. According to its official website, the establishment uses real pineapple chunks in their signature pineapple drinks and has seasonal smoothies, like lychee and persimmon.
Inspired by the owners’ passion for milk tea, Mr. Tea’s tea recipe is strictly their own, meaning you cannot get the same milk tea anywhere else. Its menu has a variety of milk teas, iced teas, smoothies and hot teas, paired with 12 different toppings, including haupia, azuki beans and the traditional tapioca pearls.

Kung Fu Tea Set to Serve Bubble Drinks Soon in Wichita Falls

Buy bubble tea in Wichita Falls, Texas
A new tea and coffee shop called Kung Fu Tea is bubbling up in Wichita Falls. The location will offer free Wifi, community cables and charging stations. Along with the more than 70 drink choices, Kung Fu Tea will have snack items like popcorn chicken and fries and bakery treats.
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Bubble Tea Coming Soon Near Journal Square

Buy bubble tea in Jersey City, New Jersey
Coming soon to 654 Newark Avenue, just east of Five Corners, is Sa-go-to Bubble Tea World. Very little is known about the new tea shop. The most common flavors are black tea or green tea, both with milk and bubbles, but taro (a root) and other fruit flavors like mango and honeydew are usually available in tea houses, too.
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