Love of bubble tea leads UNI grads to open shop

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University of Northern Iowa graduates joined forces with fellow alum Jay Gao in October to open PearlTea at 5725 University Ave., Suite A. The shop in Black Hawk Village builds its drinks using five types of tea — jasmine green, royal black, brown rice, oolong and sakura sencha. The teas, which they noted are antioxidants and loaded with vitamins, are brewed fresh every morning.
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Royaltea Will Introduce Cheese Tea to Orlando

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When Royaltea, a Chinese-based bubble tea chain, opens next to King Bao this summer, they'll introduce one of the trendiest beverages around to Orlando: cheese tea. It's really just sweet tea topped with a thick, gooey foam fashioned from cream cheese, milk (sometimes condensed) and whipped cream, and it's pushing boba to the fringes of teadom.
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Two Exciting New Tea Shops Debut in the Heights

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The first is Teaspresso Bar, which comes to Houston from Hawaii, and serves up a menu of quality teas like genmaicha and toffee assam alongside traditional blended bubble teas, milk tea, slushes, and lemonade.
Also new to the Heights is Teabysea. In addition to drinks like Thai tea with boba, Teabysea will also serve smoothies and lattes spiked with superfoods that lend “all-natural rainbow colors” to the beverages.
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Bringing Milk Tea Back: JTea takes the Stage in Chinatown

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A new Vietnamese spot to score bubble tea, smoothies, snacks and more has opened its doors in the neighborhood, called JTea. Diners can customize their milk tea with toppings like grass jelly, chia seed and aloe vera, or opt for one of the cafe's signature creations, like the green milk tea with milk jello.
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The Ultimate Bubble Tea Map to All the Best Spots in Toronto

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The best part about bubble tea spots is that no two are the same, literally. Each one has something different and unique to offer taking the delicious, classic bubble tea and putting their own twist on it.
The Alley, Lobothery Inc., Royaltea, Happy Lemon, Formocha, Icha Tea, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, One Ten Cafe, Cup O House, Boba Boy, Latea Era Tea Room
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Tea Village Brings Bubble Teas to Downtown San Francisco

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Tea Village, a new spot serving bubble tea, cremas and sparkling drinks, is now open at 231 E. Santa Clara St.
Customers select a beverage, then indicate their preferred level of sweetness. Menu offerings include a diverse range of flavors and textures, including rose tea crema, Sakura strawberry green tea and peach sparkling tea.
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Hyde Park's Newest Businesses

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Te'amo Boba Bar serves Taiwanese-style bubble tea, matcha drinks, smoothies and more near the University of Chicago. The milk teas come either hot or cold and include classics like jasmine, oolong, hazelnut and mango, as well as specialty drinks like the Okinawa. There are also matcha lattes and a traditional Japanese dessert of shaved ice and green tea syrup.
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