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Gong Cha Arrives in D.C., College Park, and Rockville

Buy bubble tea in Washington, DC
Gong Cha will make its D.C. area debut this month in Rockville, Maryland, with at least three more new area locations planned through the summer. The grand opening of the first store (1800 Rockville Pike) is scheduled for Saturday, March 31. The made-to-order bubble tea company has another location slated for New York Avenue in D.C., as well as one on Terrapin Row in College Park. Another is destined for an incoming Asian food hall in Rockville called the Spot.
Read the full article HERE by Tierney Plumb, Eater Washington DC

Give Fruit Mix and Bubble Tea a Try in Union Gap

Buy bubble tea in Yakima, Washington
I know bubble teas are crazy popular in Seattle, and Yakima has a handful of places that serve bubble tea, also. I’m not a bubble tea connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but one day, Mona insisted I have a bubble tea. I said sure and picked a flavor I was comfortable with, such as banana or strawberry.
Mona politely insisted that I had to try her avocado bubble tea. After several refusals, she convinced me.
Read the full article HERE by Eric Patrick, Yakima Herald-Republic

Bubble tea is Making a Splash in Mumbai

Buy bubble tea in Mumbai, India
Dr Bubbles Chai Specialist is a popular chain that serves its trademark Bubble Tea, to which they gave a makeover by adding fruit jelly and fruit poppers to the milk and fruit tea, to suit the Indian taste.
The Dr Bubble Chai Specialist Outlet at Mumbai's Hill Road, Bandra, source their ingredients from an array of international location- tapioca from Taiwan, the bubbles from the UK and the jelly from Thailand.
Read the full article HERE by ANInews

'Tea 18' Brings Bubble Tea and More to Natomas

Buy bubble tea in Sacramento, California
Tea 18 is a Taiwanese chain that specializes in brewed-to-order tea drinks, as opposed to most bubble tea places that use powders. It offers a wide variety of drinks, including milk teas, foam teas, fruit teas and blended teas, as well as old-fashioned steeped teas. On the menu, look for the Hokkaido milk tea, cheese foam tea and the gold pomello green tea.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline

'Sip' Makes Westwood Debut, With Bubble Tea & More

Buy bubble tea in Los Angeles, California
Expect to see offerings like matcha green milk tea, blueberry matcha and jasmine milk tea. You can also choose from organic milk, soy or coconut milk and further customize the drink with toppings such as boba, house-made almond jelly or chia seeds.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline, abc7news

The Fattest Straws in Denver at These Bubble Tea Shops

Buy bubble tea in Denver, Colorado
Hong Kong Cafe was in the advance guard of tea shops, opening nearly three years ago on the border of Denver and Aurora. First-timers should go with a classic Hong Kong-style iced milk tea, a bracingly strong brew tempered with a dose of sweetened condensed milk.
Variety is Kung Fu's calling card, with an almost intimidating selection of hot and cold beverages. Uncommon fruit flavors, puddings, jellies, tapioca balls, sweet beans and popping bubbles present so many possible combinations that rookies might stall out at the counter for minutes.
Tea Cloud is a little cluttered and dim, but an impressive collection of loose teas is perfect for hard-core aficionados who find themselves searching for a fix downtown.
The Volcano Tea House menu doesn't look quite as overwhelming, but there are still several styles, with bobas, jellies, puddings and sweet beans as add-ins.

Castro's 'Qualitea' Bubble Tea Now Open

Buy bubble tea in San Francisco, California
Drink specials on offer include Taro Kisses (taro, fresh milk tea with taro chunks), Grapefruit Blush (freshly cut grapefruit with jasmine green tea), and Passion Cooler, passionfruit green tea with kumquat juice, limes and mint. "We offer classic drinks like milk tea, but we also offer modernized drinks," said owner Susan Liu, like the Dirty Panda, a premium oolong topped with house cheese mousse and crushed Oreo.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline, abc7news

'Tea Alley' Brings Bubble Tea to Downtown San Jose

Buy bubble tea in San Jose, California
This new Taiwanese-style cafe specializes in milk and flavored teas, frozen slush drinks, snacks and more. If you're going the tea route, expect to see offerings such as jasmine green tea, winter melon with tapioca pearls or matcha and red bean milk tea.
Read the full article HERE by Hoodline, abc7news

Bubblz Bubble Tea and More pops into Adrian

Buy bubble tea in Adrian, Michigan
From bubble tea flavored with black boba or multiple flavors of popping boba and jellies to smoothies, tea, coffee, frozen yogurt and more, the new business specializes in tasty treats. Step one is picking a flavor, which includes strawberry, green tea, peach and milk tea, just to name a few.
Read the full article HERE by Lonnie Huhman, Lenconnect.com


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