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'Tea 18' Brings Bubble Tea and More to Natomas

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Tea 18 is a Taiwanese chain that specializes in brewed-to-order tea drinks, as opposed to most bubble tea places that use powders. It offers a wide variety of drinks, including milk teas, foam teas, fruit teas and blended teas, as well as old-fashioned steeped teas. On the menu, look for the Hokkaido milk tea, cheese foam tea and the gold pomello green tea.
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'Sip' Makes Westwood Debut, With Bubble Tea & More

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Expect to see offerings like matcha green milk tea, blueberry matcha and jasmine milk tea. You can also choose from organic milk, soy or coconut milk and further customize the drink with toppings such as boba, house-made almond jelly or chia seeds.
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The Fattest Straws in Denver at These Bubble Tea Shops

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Hong Kong Cafe was in the advance guard of tea shops, opening nearly three years ago on the border of Denver and Aurora. First-timers should go with a classic Hong Kong-style iced milk tea, a bracingly strong brew tempered with a dose of sweetened condensed milk.
Variety is Kung Fu's calling card, with an almost intimidating selection of hot and cold beverages. Uncommon fruit flavors, puddings, jellies, tapioca balls, sweet beans and popping bubbles present so many possible combinations that rookies might stall out at the counter for minutes.
Tea Cloud is a little cluttered and dim, but an impressive collection of loose teas is perfect for hard-core aficionados who find themselves searching for a fix downtown.
The Volcano Tea House menu doesn't look quite as overwhelming, but there are still several styles, with bobas, jellies, puddings and sweet beans as add-ins.

Castro's 'Qualitea' Bubble Tea Now Open

Buy bubble tea in San Francisco, California
Drink specials on offer include Taro Kisses (taro, fresh milk tea with taro chunks), Grapefruit Blush (freshly cut grapefruit with jasmine green tea), and Passion Cooler, passionfruit green tea with kumquat juice, limes and mint. "We offer classic drinks like milk tea, but we also offer modernized drinks," said owner Susan Liu, like the Dirty Panda, a premium oolong topped with house cheese mousse and crushed Oreo.
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'Tea Alley' Brings Bubble Tea to Downtown San Jose

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This new Taiwanese-style cafe specializes in milk and flavored teas, frozen slush drinks, snacks and more. If you're going the tea route, expect to see offerings such as jasmine green tea, winter melon with tapioca pearls or matcha and red bean milk tea.
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Bubblz Bubble Tea and More pops into Adrian

Buy bubble tea in Adrian, Michigan
From bubble tea flavored with black boba or multiple flavors of popping boba and jellies to smoothies, tea, coffee, frozen yogurt and more, the new business specializes in tasty treats. Step one is picking a flavor, which includes strawberry, green tea, peach and milk tea, just to name a few.
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Vivi’s Bubble Tea at Yale

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Vivi’s serves bubble milk black tea, which is an iced beverage sold all over Taiwan. Additionally, customers can choose to have their bubble tea infused with flavors such as mango, ginger, and coconut.
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Even More Bubble Tea Is Coming to North Austin

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Austin is getting its first ShareTea shop, a bubble tea chain from Taipei, Taiwan. ShareTea serves flavored teas, milk teas, and smoothies topped with tapioca pearls, jellies, puddings, and fruit. Many ingredients are shipped directly from Taiwan, and the chain avoids syrups in favor of fresh fruit purees. Ice level, sweetness, and toppings can all be customized.
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5 New Bubble Tea Spots to Try in New York

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Anda Cafe is a neighborhood tea joint that specializes in bubble tea and snow ice, as well as Asian snacks and dishes. On the drinks menu, look for offerings like the grapefruit Yakult yogurt drink, the fresh mango smoothie, and the Trinity milk tea, which comes with tapioca, grass jelly and pudding.
The Chinatown branch of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is one of the latest locations for the world's largest bubble tea chain. On the menu, look for classic bubble tea drinks like Assam, taro or jasmine milk tea.
This latest joint comes from Vivi Bubble Tea, a popular chain based in New York. Vivi specializes in milk teas, fruit teas, ice jelly drinks and snacks. Look for the almond milk tea, a grapefruit pulp tea and a kumquat lemon ice jelly tea.

A bubble tea café is coming to Cardiff

Buy bubble tea in Cardiff, Wales
Bubbleology, which has 10 sites in London and one in Leeds, but are looking roll out the brand across the UK. The menu at Bubbleology includes salted cream cheese crowns- which blends creamy philadelphia cheese, dairy cream and organic milk and Himalayan rock salt - along with hot or cold milk teas, fruit teas and coffee mixtures. The drinks are made fresh, with 100% organic tea leaves and are vegetarrian.
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Bubblecup Tea Zone in Columbia

Buy bubble tea in Columbia, Missouri
At Bubblecup Tea Zone, classic milk teas are offered in any number of creamy and fruity combinations. There are flavors considered traditional and other “American” tea flavors such as lemon, raspberry, and peach. Other unique offerings include green apple, watermelon, passion fruit, caramel, lavender, rose, and honeydew. Sea salt teas and coffee are also available.
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The Best Boba in the East Bay

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Although a bit pricier than others, Share Tea offers Okinawa milk tea. Very few places offer Okinawa milk tea, which is flavored with roasted brown sugar.
Gong Cha is one of the few boba shops where you can taste really great quality tea and choose from a unique assortment of drinks. This place also offers different combinations of toppings and tea which you can find on their menu under the “Creative Mix Series.”
T4 also has a pretty large selection of drinks and offers good quality boba and tea. They are especially popular for their “royal teas,” which are their fresh fruit flavored teas.
If you’re a fan of matcha, then i-Tea also offers my favorite matcha milk tea which is very unique because it comes with red bean and matcha pudding.

'Boba Guys' Introduces Spring Flavors, Lunar New Year Soiree

Buy bubble tea in San Francisco, California
To celebrate the coming of Spring, Boba Guys is launching four new drinks with an emphasis on fresh flavors. You can now sample Purple Rain, Kiwi Guava, Arnold Palmer and the Matcha Arnold Palmer. Their most-photographed beverage would likely be the strawberry matcha latte, which has a lush pink strawberry puree base layer, organic milk center (which can be substituted for a variety of plant and nut milks), topped with freshly-whipped umami-filled matcha. They purposely leave it unshaken so you can see three distinct, eye-catching layers.
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Millions of Milk Tea coming to Cincinnati

Buy bubble tea in Cincinnati, Ohio
Centerville-based Millions of Milk Tea is opening its first Cincinnati-area location at Cincinnati Premium Outlets in Monroe. Bubble tea flavors include black and green teas as well as milk teas like Oolong milk tea and Oreo milk tea. The retailer will also serve espressos and "Milk Strikes," which include matcha milk and ginger milk.
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Tea-rrific Tea at ROJI

Buy bubble tea in Singapore
Japanese tea kiosk Roji at Raffles Place hits the mark. For something refreshing, go for the sparkling fruit tea options ($5.80). My pick is the Citron Rosemary with Tsubaki oolong - with citron puree, red grapefruit slices and a rosemary sprig. I get a very slight bitter taste of the grapefruit, along with the full-bodied tea.
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The Best Bubble Tea Spots in Taipei

Buy bubble tea in Taipei, Taiwan
Chun Shui Tang is perhaps the most well-known bubble tea chain not just in Taipei, but in Taiwan, claiming to be the ones who created bubble tea (and sparked the whole craze) back in the 80’s.
50 Lan is a prominent bubble tea franchise in Taipei, and in case you didn’t know, the parent brand of KOI, a well-loved bubble tea franchise in Singapore.
Chen San Ding sits in the food and nightlife district of Gongguan, where many local youths from nearby universities typically hang out.
Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea is supposedly popular in Southern Taiwan, where Kenting is – hence making it an under-the-radar gem for locals and tourists alike in Taipei!
If you are more of a fruit tea person, you’ll probably love Yi Fang Fruit Tea. This franchise has a huge menu of both fruit and milk teas.

He Left Gong Cha to Start Up His Own Bubble Tea Brand

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Called Yuan Cha, it serves bubble tea and a premium range of high-mountain oolong tea from a 200-year-old plantation, Sheng Sheng Tea in Nantou, Taiwan. Yuan Cha serves a menu of about 40 drinks made from six different types of tea. Other than the regular green tea, black tea, tieguanyin, pu’er and oolong, Yuan Cha also offers exclusive tea leaves such as lishan, chai shao oolong, red oolong and ziya shan.
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Gong Cha is Opening in Cedar Park and Campus

Buy bubble tea in Austin, Texas
There are two locations planned, one at 13201 Ranch Road 620 North in Cedar Park and the other by campus at 2025 Guadalupe Street. The menu offers myriad options for hot or cold beverages, including brewed tea, milk tea, coffee drinks, yogurt drinks, and smoothies, as well as toppings like basil seeds, red bean, coconut jelly, and of course pearls.
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Tai Chi Bubble Tea Finds Its Balance

Buy bubble tea in Rochester, New York
Replacing the old, shut-down Corner Bakery Cafe’s location, the new tai chi store brings all the old along with it, and even some new. They have a variety of flavors including mango, strawberry, taro, lychee, and many others. The real reason you all need to go here, though? Panda plushies, lots of em.
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2 new Spots to Score Bubble Tea in Houston

Buy bubble tea in Houston, Texas
With multiple locations across Texas, Zero Degrees specializes in bubble and fruit tea, as well as a wide variety of snacks.
Bubble Egg specializes in Hong Kong-style bubble waffles, ice cream and bubble teas.
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