5 New Bubble Tea Spots to Try in New York

Buy bubble tea in New York
Anda Cafe is a neighborhood tea joint that specializes in bubble tea and snow ice, as well as Asian snacks and dishes. On the drinks menu, look for offerings like the grapefruit Yakult yogurt drink, the fresh mango smoothie, and the Trinity milk tea, which comes with tapioca, grass jelly and pudding.
The Chinatown branch of CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice is one of the latest locations for the world's largest bubble tea chain. On the menu, look for classic bubble tea drinks like Assam, taro or jasmine milk tea.
This latest joint comes from Vivi Bubble Tea, a popular chain based in New York. Vivi specializes in milk teas, fruit teas, ice jelly drinks and snacks. Look for the almond milk tea, a grapefruit pulp tea and a kumquat lemon ice jelly tea.
Feng Cha is a franchise that has its origins in China. Expect to find offerings like the matcha red bean milk tea, the Oreo cheese milk tea and the kiwi basil green tea. It also offers baked breads and desserts like cheese cake and roll cake.
Binki Cafe is best known for its Instagram-friendly bubble teas and cotton candy ice cream and drinks. Look for colorful offerings like the Galaxy tea drinks, which sport names like Hong Kong, Iceland and Tokyo. Cotton candy ice cream offerings come shaped like various popular characters, including "Miss Kitty," "Baymax," and a "Minion."
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