The Fattest Straws in Denver at These Bubble Tea Shops

Buy bubble tea in Denver, Colorado
Hong Kong Cafe was in the advance guard of tea shops, opening nearly three years ago on the border of Denver and Aurora. First-timers should go with a classic Hong Kong-style iced milk tea, a bracingly strong brew tempered with a dose of sweetened condensed milk.
Variety is Kung Fu's calling card, with an almost intimidating selection of hot and cold beverages. Uncommon fruit flavors, puddings, jellies, tapioca balls, sweet beans and popping bubbles present so many possible combinations that rookies might stall out at the counter for minutes.
Tea Cloud is a little cluttered and dim, but an impressive collection of loose teas is perfect for hard-core aficionados who find themselves searching for a fix downtown.
The Volcano Tea House menu doesn't look quite as overwhelming, but there are still several styles, with bobas, jellies, puddings and sweet beans as add-ins.
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