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3 New Spots To Score Bubble Tea In Chicago

Buy bubble tea in Chicago, Illinois
Te'amo Boba Bar serves Taiwanese-style bubble tea in Hyde Park, near the University of Chicago.
Chinatown's Meet Fresh specializes in Hong Kong-style desserts and bubble tea.
Hot Shots Cafe specializes in healthy lunch options, as well as a variety of coffee drinks, smoothies and milk teas.
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HeeTea in Singapore is not HeyTea from China

Buy bubble tea in Singapore
A bubble tea shop, HeeTea, which recently opened in Singapore, is apparently not the same as HeyTea, which is supposedly the original big deal in China. For Singaporeans who are easily confused, it is simply not your fault if you couldn’t tell HeeTea and HeyTea apart, unless it was pointed out to you.
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This Hidden Cafe in Tanjong Pagar Serves Alcoholic Bubble Tea

Buy bubble tea in Singapore
At The Local Box, a casual café hidden along a quiet street in Tanjong Pagar, you’ll find what’s been hailed as Singapore’s first alcoholic bubble tea. Basically, the eatery mixes a variety of booze into its tea range, with four options including Heineken green tea, Nutella Baileys milk tea, taro tequila milk tea, and pineapple rum thyme tea.
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The Latest Stir-fried Iced Cream Parlor Serving Bubble Tea in Light Bulbs

Buy bubble tea in Tampa Bay, Florida
Launched at 15006 N. Dale Mabry Highway in late December, Polar Bear carries light bulb drinks and smoothies, including bubble tea, in 15 flavors. Options include papaya, strawberry, coffee mocha, peach, piña colada and matcha — even taro.
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Go Healthier, Go Cashless with Bubble Tea at UTown

Buy bubble tea in Singapore
Healthier drinks and cashless kiosks. That is what bubble tea chain Gong Cha (Singapore) launched at NUS University Town. Their sugar levels are based on Healthier Choice guidelines from the Health Promotion Board (HPB) and do not include any toppings. Offerings include the medium-sized earl grey milk tea and plum green tea, both at 50 per cent sugar.
Read the full article HERE by Cheryl Tee, Straits Times

You, Me, and Bubble Tea Offers Something for Everyone

Buy bubble tea in Detroit, Michigan
You, Me, and Bubble Tea is a unique tea concept that creates unexpected combinations of flavored iced teas, smoothies, slushees, or milk teas, served over edible tapioca “pearls”, juice poppers, or fruit flavored coconut jellies. It prides itself on its ability to offer vegan, sugar free, dye free, gluten free, nut free, soy free, egg free, dairy free and organic options.
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'Meet Fresh' Brings Bubble Tea and Desserts to Chinatown

Buy Bubble Tea in Chicago, Illinois
A new fresh spot to score desserts, shaved ice and bubble tea called Meet Fresh has opened for business in Chinatown. On the menu, expect to see dessert options like taro ball with mung bean, lotus seed, and boba; herbal jelly with sweet potato, barley, and boba; almond pudding with mocha and noodle jelly; and peanut tofu pudding.
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CoCo Makes Koreatown Debut

Buy Bubble Tea in Los Angeles, California
This new Taiwanese drink spot--which has four other Los Angeles outposts and hundreds of locations worldwide--specializes in fresh juice, boba, smoothies and teas. For tea and milk tea, expect to see options like grass jelly milk tea, cream green tea, jasmine green, taro milk tea, matcha green latte, and more. Switching over to fresh fruit and slush options, look for mango yogurt, lemon winter melon tea, chocolate slush, passion fruit green or black tea, and cream matcha smoothie.
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Toronto Is Hosting A Huge Bubble Tea Festival

Buy bubble tea in Toronto, Ontario, Canada -
Each bubble tea shop in Toronto has something cool, new and unique to offer. The Bubble Tea Festival is happening for it's second year this summer. There's endless combinations of bubble tea to choose from depending on your preference. Milk vs fruit tea, black vs oolong tea, boba vs grass jelly, and regular vs less sugar! There will be tons of your favourite bubble tea shops setting up tents at the event including One Ten Cafe, Boba Boy, and more!
Read the full article HERE by Mia Shabsove, Narcity

Boba Fett’s Favorite New Bubble Tea Spot

Buy bubble tea in Reno, Nevada -
Bubble Tea Station Café brings caffeine, flavor, and fun to East Prater Way next to Hiroba Sushi in Sparks. The boba and jellies are house-made. The tea is fresh-brewed. Baklava, of Boss Coffee and Creamery, is also offered. The origin of the tea leaves is a trade-secret, so you know they’re good. Standard black tea is used to make most drinks, and Thai Tea* (extra-strength black tea) and Café du Monde* coffee are also available.
Read the full article HERE by Kyle Young, ThisIsReno.com


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