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Bubble Tea And More At Parkview/Vista Park's New 'Black Pearl'

Buy bubble tea in San Jose, California -
Called Black Pearl, the newcomer offering bubble tea and desserts is located at 5663 Snell Ave. in Parkview/Vista Park. On the menu, expect to see milk and fruit teas like jasmine green milk tea, taro milk tea, chai tea, "Blue Bomb" with lemon and blueberry, and "Starburst" with orange, strawberry, and watermelon.
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Bubble Tea Bar Opens to Large Crowds and Sells Out of Bubbles

Buy bubble tea in Chicago, Illinois -
Te Amo Boba Bar Café, a new restaurant in Campus North serving Taiwanese-style bubble tea, iced tea, and fruit freezes, had a soft opening on Tuesday. The café was so busy on its first day of business that it ran out of boba.
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The Latest New Zealand Tea Drinking Trend

Buy bubble tea in Auckland, New Zealand -
It's being described as the next big food trend and Auckland can now say hello to cheese tea: brewed tea with frothy, whipped cream cheese on top. Rounny Lin, co-founder of Fryday Cafe, said cheese tea is the latest food trend and it is taking the world by storm. "It's the biggest drink fad in Taiwan and Asia now, and the pairing of tea and cheese is tried and tested to perfection".
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Cheese Tea? This Trendy Drink From Asia Is Finally Coming To The US

The drink, which has been a massive trend in Asia for a few months now, is finally going to be available in the U.S. at Happy Lemon locations around the country. "The layer of cheese is a about an inch, mixture of whipped cream and cheese, lightly seasoned with salt beautifully poured over the drink of your choice."
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Taiwan Bobii Frutii Opened by Actor Nat Ho

Buy bubble tea in Singapore -
It all began with two teenagers who had a fondness for bubble tea and the hipster cafe culture. Three years later, Bobii Frutii has expanded to five stores. Nat Ho is not only one of the shareholders of Bobii Frutii, he is also the brand ambassador and creative director. At Bobii Frutii, the drinks are made with natural ingredients like butterfly pea extract, fresh milk and fruit juice. The sweetness comes from premium cane sugar syrup that is made in-house - as opposed to regular brown sugar or high-fructose corn syrup.
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We Tried Out The Trendy Cheese Tea

Buy bubble tea in New Delhi, India -
Cheese tea is a trend that tea lovers all over the globe have been talking about lately. Ever since the drink debuted on social media, it has been a hit, with a vast majority speaking favorably about it. The Turkey Project in Defence Colony, Delhi, introduced the cheese tea on its menu, some time back and the restaurant's patrons have been coming back to have just the drink.
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The Upper East Side's New 'Vivi Bubble Tea'

Buy bubble tea in New York City -
Vivi, a Taiwanese-based tea chain that opened its first U.S. location in New York in 2007, now has nearly two dozen locations across the city, ranging from Midtown to Little Italy to Chinatown. Vivi offers a variety of both hot and cold teas, served with or without milk and boba. Flavor options include matcha, strawberry, and tiramisu milk tea, and regular tea with passionfruit, lychee, or jasmine honey.
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