The Best Bubble Tea Spots in Taipei

Buy bubble tea in Taipei, Taiwan
Chun Shui Tang is perhaps the most well-known bubble tea chain not just in Taipei, but in Taiwan, claiming to be the ones who created bubble tea (and sparked the whole craze) back in the 80’s.
50 Lan is a prominent bubble tea franchise in Taipei, and in case you didn’t know, the parent brand of KOI, a well-loved bubble tea franchise in Singapore.
Chen San Ding sits in the food and nightlife district of Gongguan, where many local youths from nearby universities typically hang out.
Kenting Dan Dan Milk Tea is supposedly popular in Southern Taiwan, where Kenting is – hence making it an under-the-radar gem for locals and tourists alike in Taipei!
If you are more of a fruit tea person, you’ll probably love Yi Fang Fruit Tea. This franchise has a huge menu of both fruit and milk teas.
Presotea is known for their high quality methods and ingredients (fruit teas even contain seasonal homegrown fruits), and their affordable prices.
Located in the fashion district of Ximending, the hip and stylishly designed Chachago draws dozens of customers, especially those looking for a refreshing drink to quench their thirst after hours of shopping.
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