The 3 Best Spots for Bubble Tea in Pittsburgh

Buy bubble tea in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Banh Mi & Ti specializes in banh mi sandwiches and bubble tea. Choose from green, black or oolong tea, pick a flavor from strawberry milk to kumquat and lemon, then finish off your drink with regular boba, passion fruit boba, red beans, caramel pudding or other topping possibilities.
Fuku Tea serves both hot and bubble tea. The latter comes the way you like it: jasmine green or black tea, choice of flavor (lychee, coconut, peppermint, etc.), milk or not, and toppings.
Chick'n Bubbly offers various flavors of milk tea, green tea, smoothies and slushies, which can be topped off with tapioca pearls, jelly in flavors like pineapple and lychee, and popping boba.
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