6 Spots to Get the Perfect Boba Today

Buy bubble tea in Houston, Texas
Teaspresso - The Hawaiian chain Teaspresso braves to compete in the Houston boba market with its healthier brand of tea. It avoids artificial powder ingredients and carefully executes specialty Hawaiian drinks into Instagrammable concoctions.
B&T Café - A small Vietnamese sandwich shop shakes up a few bubble tea options for locals on their lunch breaks. The selection is small, but the fruit teas do not fall short against bigger competitors.
Kim’s Tea House - Kim’s offers a wider variety of toppings than expected, and recently introduced a new milk foam tea, making for a salty yet sweet surprise in each sip.
Fusion 36 Degree - After years of success in its first location in Katy, Fusion 36 Degrees finally expanded its small chain with a second location. It serves a variety of classically perfected smoothies, fruit teas and milk teas, topped with your choice of jelly, or their best: crystal boba.
Honey Bee TeaHouse - This gem remains top-notch thanks to its iconic ice milk drinks, particularly the Honey Bee Ice Milk. Unlike other boba cafés, Honey Bee serves its drinks in a jumbo cup that seems to never fit in a car’s cup-holders.
Tea Top - Keep an eye out for this new rustic boba café. Tea Top serves brown sugar-soaked boba and honey-sweetened drinks, rather than the traditional sugar syrup. The brown sugar boba leaves a maple aftertaste while also adding some extra sweetness to the drink, so request minimal honey to ensure a balanced bubble tea.
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