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Royaltea Will Introduce Cheese Tea to Orlando

When Royaltea, a Chinese-based bubble tea chain, opens next to King Bao this summer, they'll introduce one of the trendiest beverages around to Orlando: cheese tea. It's really just sweet tea topped with a thick, gooey foam fashioned from cream cheese, milk (sometimes condensed) and whipped cream, and it's pushing boba to the fringes of teadom.
Read the full article HERE by Faiyaz Kara, Orlando Weekly

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Two Exciting New Tea Shops Debut in the Heights

The first is Teaspresso Bar, which comes to Houston from Hawaii, and serves up a menu of quality teas like genmaicha and toffee assam alongside traditional blended bubble teas, milk tea, slushes, and lemonade.
Also new to the Heights is Teabysea. In addition to drinks like Thai tea with boba, Teabysea will also serve smoothies and lattes spiked with superfoods that lend “all-natural rainbow colors” to the beverages.
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The Ultimate Bubble Tea Map to All the Best Spots in Toronto

The best part about bubble tea spots is that no two are the same, literally. Each one has something different and unique to offer taking the delicious, classic bubble tea and putting their own twist on it.
The Alley, Lobothery Inc., Royaltea, Happy Lemon, Formocha, Icha Tea, CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice, One Ten Cafe, Cup O House, Boba Boy, Latea Era Tea Room
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Tea Village Brings Bubble Teas to Downtown San Francisco

Tea Village, a new spot serving bubble tea, cremas and sparkling drinks, is now open at 231 E. Santa Clara St.
Customers select a beverage, then indicate their preferred level of sweetness. Menu offerings include a diverse range of flavors and textures, including rose tea crema, Sakura strawberry green tea and peach sparkling tea.
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3 Bubble Tea Additions to Seattle

Taiwanese dessert chain Blackball Desserts is a spot to score bubble tea and shaved ice, along with Chinese and Japanese desserts.
Blank Space Cafe is a spot to score bubble tea, desserts and macarons.
20 Oz Tea serves bubble tea and more with a sustainable approach.
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Hyde Park's Newest Businesses

Te'amo Boba Bar serves Taiwanese-style bubble tea, matcha drinks, smoothies and more near the University of Chicago. The milk teas come either hot or cold and include classics like jasmine, oolong, hazelnut and mango, as well as specialty drinks like the Okinawa. There are also matcha lattes and a traditional Japanese dessert of shaved ice and green tea syrup.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline, ABC7 News

Vancouver Bubble Tea Continues to Float to the Top

Vancouver has its fair share of beverage options—signature cocktails, craft beers, artisan coffees, and cold-pressed juices, just to name a few. The bubble-tea market in Vancouver appears to have increased during the past two decades, coinciding with the growth of the city’s Asian communities. In our quest for the new drink, we were once limited to hole-in-the-wall spots and food-court vendors that offered smaller menus, but those days are long gone.
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Happy Lemon Opens in New San Jose Location

A new bubble tea, juice, and smoothie spot has opened up shop in the neighborhood. Happy Lemon specializes in a unique boba derivative known as salted-cheese tea -- an infusion of nine different teas mixed together with whipped cream, milk, and cream cheese, then topped with rock salt.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline, ABC7 News

Kids Like Mr. Wish Bubble Tea

They have their tapioca bubbles shipped from Taiwan, with brown sugar on them. If you need a special place to go on a boring day, go to Mr. Wish. They have pearl milk tea and other teas and drinks. Another delicious drink is fruit tea. They put fresh pieces of fruit in the tea, which makes the drink explode with taste.
Read the full article HERE by Kidsday Reporters, Newsday

Bubble Tea in the Hudson Valley

As the regions appears to have finally made the seasonal transition, there's no better time to enjoy this drink yourself. Tea Talk in the Town of Poughkeepsie is one local highlight, with a variety of flavors and bubbles to add. The banana milk tea with strawberry pearls is a personal favorite. Among its most popular drinks is the Super Tea Smoothie, made with banana, almond milk, matcha and ginger. The drink serves as a healthier alternative to the bubble tea and a cool refreshment as the weather gets hot.
Read the full article HERE by Geoffrey Wilson, Poughkeepsie Journal

Sweet and Simple Now Open in Brookside

Sweet and Simple opened in the bustling business strip at 63rd and Wornall in Brookside, next to Brookside Toy and Science and the Dime Store. The store offers about 50 selections of tea, including hot and iced teas (black, oolong and green tea), as well as milk teas (cold teas with soy milk and additional flavoring added).
Read the full article HERE by April Fleming, FEAST

Chatime Bubble Tea Opens First Location in Brampton

A major bubble tea chain has finally made its way to Brampton, opening its 23 location in Ontario among over 1,000 locations around the world. Chatime Brampton officially opened its doors to the public at 150 West Dr., unit 1A, on Tuesday May 1 at 1 p.m. The new location boasts Chatime’s signature, fully customizable bubble tea selection, sweet treats from Chatime’s sister brand Bake Code in Toronto, and a spacious cafe seating area.
Read the full article HERE by Christine Sharma, inBrampton

Jazen Tea Makes North Dallas Debut

Offering bubble tea, smoothies and more, this new spot uses real whole fruits and high-quality ingredients to make all its fruit teas and drinks, the company explains on its website. Menu items include a variety of milk and fruit teas such as a Calamansi mango tea with chia seeds and mango fruit bits; the Honey Delight made with honey jasmine green tea, chia seeds, strawberry fruit bits and aloe vera; and a coconut thai milk tea with honey boba.
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Vietnam Embraces Taiwan-style Bubble Tea

Taiwanese-style tea shops offering concoctions of cold milky tea filled with fruit, jelly and tapioca balls -- often known as bubble tea -- are all the rage in Vietnam, where coffee-drinking culture has long prevailed. In central Hanoi, a Ding Tea outlet is usually crowded with female customers, who mix their milk tea with tapioca balls, jelly, chunks of fruit and other ingredients that fill about a third of the large cup, all of which is consumed through a large straw.
Read the full article HERE by ATSUSHI TOMIYAMA, Nikkei Asian Review

Bubble Tea Bounty Abounds at East San Jose's Boba Fitt

If bubble tea is what you're after, look no further than East San Jose's newest establishment. Boba Fitt has a long menu of sweet, less sweet and extra sweet drink options, including fruity flavors, teas, coffees and milk teas. It also has snacks, like crab soup, popcorn chicken, Thai banana crepes, boba buns, and fish balls.
Read the full article HERE by hoodline, ABC 7 News

Singaporean Millennials Put A Fruity Spin On Bubble Tea

China, India, and Vietnam are some of the biggest tea producers in the world. But it seems like the art of tea-drinking is somehow lost to the present-day urbanites and millennials. The closest to consuming and enjoying tea in these modern times is probably through bubble tea, a contemporary twist on milk tea and is usually laden with sugar and other flavours that eventually, overwhelms the actual taste of tea.
Read the full article HERE by Victoria Sek, Vulcan Post

Montréal's 5 Best Bubble Tea

L2 Desserts Lounge is a youthful, student-style establishment where you can enjoy bubble tea
Bistro NosThés Montréal offers a mouth-watering selection of beverages and exotic teas.
Bubble Tease serves up a selection of teas and herbal infusions imported from Asia, as well as a wide variety of fresh fruit for creating your own signature beverage.
In the heart of the city’s new Chinatown (just steps from Concordia University), you’ll find Chatime.
Magic Idea has an endless menu that includes gems like jasmine, mango, lavender and honey teas.
Read the full article HERE by Laure Juilliard, Montréal.org

Bubble Tea for Allston as Gong Cha Expands

Allston is on the verge of maximum bubble tea, as another new shop prepares to open in the neighborhood. Gong Cha secured the space that was briefly home to the Hot Spot (154 Harvard Ave.), according to Boston Restaurant Talk, and will open sometime this spring, per its official website.
Read the full article HERE by Dana Hatic, Eater Boston