O‘ahu’s Top Spots to Sate your Bubble Tea Cravings

Buy bubble tea in Oahu, Hawaii
Offering traditional teas, contemporary teas, special blends and coffee, Tea Boss offers a variety of beverages, including Amber Black Tea, Coconut Milk Tea and Oreo Milk Tea.
Shaka Shaka Tea Express offers drinks made with natural ingredients and fresh fruits. According to its official website, the establishment uses real pineapple chunks in their signature pineapple drinks and has seasonal smoothies, like lychee and persimmon.
Inspired by the owners’ passion for milk tea, Mr. Tea’s tea recipe is strictly their own, meaning you cannot get the same milk tea anywhere else. Its menu has a variety of milk teas, iced teas, smoothies and hot teas, paired with 12 different toppings, including haupia, azuki beans and the traditional tapioca pearls.
Teapresso Bar is the “first fresh, brew-to-order boba milk tea in Hawai‘i” that offers “non-powder, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan and Organic options”. Customers can choose from a variety of organic coffees, teas, milk teas, lemonades, slushies, frappuccinos and smoothies. From the Hapa Haole Matcha Milk Tea, which contains green tea, matcha and white chocolate, to the Lava Flow smoothie, Teapresso Bar offers many flavors and topping options, such as boba, matcha crystals and heart-shaped jelly.
Located in Ala Moana’s Shirokiya Japan Village Walk, the Honolulu Juice Factory offers “bubble juice” and “Hawaiian sweets,” according to Shirokiya’s establishment directory.
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