Snow (pearls) in Vietnam

While in Ho Chi Minh City, I stopped by the Koicha Saigon Bubble Tea and Coffee store which opened in mid-November of 2015. It's a lovely teashop with a great range of options in both tea bases and toppings. I tried the sakura tea with snow pearls and was pleasantly suprised. At first, I assumed the translucent, white pearls were artificial tapioca or a type of coconut jelly. However, I discover from Koicha's website on this page that the topping is, in fact, a ultra-low calorie noodle called shirataki. Shirataki made from the konjac yam (aka elephant yam). See the Wikipedia entry HERE. The texture was somewhere between a typical black pearl and aloe jelly -- a better match for a light tea than the black pearls. Email me if you've seen this type of pearl elsewhere. Maybe some shops have tried a coloured version?