The Best Boba in the East Bay

Buy bubble tea in San Francisco, California
Although a bit pricier than others, Share Tea offers Okinawa milk tea. Very few places offer Okinawa milk tea, which is flavored with roasted brown sugar.
Gong Cha is one of the few boba shops where you can taste really great quality tea and choose from a unique assortment of drinks. This place also offers different combinations of toppings and tea which you can find on their menu under the “Creative Mix Series.”
T4 also has a pretty large selection of drinks and offers good quality boba and tea. They are especially popular for their “royal teas,” which are their fresh fruit flavored teas.
If you’re a fan of matcha, then i-Tea also offers my favorite matcha milk tea which is very unique because it comes with red bean and matcha pudding.
Tapioca Express keeps their prices low, and although their drinks aren’t the best quality it is a great place to satisfy your craving while being surrounded with a positive community.
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