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Sip N Bowl Debuts in Willow Glen with Bubble Tea and Asian Fusion

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Ordering a drink features a build-your-own menu, with options for sweetness, ice level and base tea (green tea, black tea and milk tea). Add flavors such as lychee, strawberry, passionfruit, wintermelon, honeydew and honey. Finally, finish it off with toppings like rainbow jelly, aloe vera, salted cream, popping boba and more.
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Dayton’s Newest Food Truck to Make its Debut

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The mobile unit is called Billie Gold Bubble Tea and it is being launched by Nicole Cornett and her husband. Billie Gold Bubble Tea will offer a variety of bubble-tea beverages, including a signature drink called the Rose Gold, described in a release as “a sweet and refreshing coconut milk tea” with rose, tapioca balls and cold-brew coffee from Press coffee shop in Dayton.
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6 Spots to Get the Perfect Boba Today

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Teaspresso - The Hawaiian chain Teaspresso braves to compete in the Houston boba market with its healthier brand of tea. It avoids artificial powder ingredients and carefully executes specialty Hawaiian drinks into Instagrammable concoctions.
B&T Café - A small Vietnamese sandwich shop shakes up a few bubble tea options for locals on their lunch breaks. The selection is small, but the fruit teas do not fall short against bigger competitors.
Kim’s Tea House - Kim’s offers a wider variety of toppings than expected, and recently introduced a new milk foam tea, making for a salty yet sweet surprise in each sip.
Fusion 36 Degree - After years of success in its first location in Katy, Fusion 36 Degrees finally expanded its small chain with a second location. It serves a variety of classically perfected smoothies, fruit teas and milk teas, topped with your choice of jelly, or their best: crystal boba.

YiFang Launches Massive Expansion across Metro Vancouver

Buy bubble tea in Vancouver, British Columbia
One popular chain, YiFang, has been a big draw since its debut on Robson Street and has quickly grabbed up additional locations, kicking off a pretty epic expansion in the region. Known for their fruit tea as well as the fresh black sugar pearls made in-house and available in limited quantities at select times of the day, YiFang has locations around the globe including across China, in South East Asia, in London, in Australia, in New York, and here in Metro Vancouver. Their signature fruit tea is packed with fresh fruit, like orange slices and passion fruit
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The 3 Best Spots for Bubble Tea in Pittsburgh

Buy bubble tea in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Banh Mi & Ti specializes in banh mi sandwiches and bubble tea. Choose from green, black or oolong tea, pick a flavor from strawberry milk to kumquat and lemon, then finish off your drink with regular boba, passion fruit boba, red beans, caramel pudding or other topping possibilities.
Fuku Tea serves both hot and bubble tea. The latter comes the way you like it: jasmine green or black tea, choice of flavor (lychee, coconut, peppermint, etc.), milk or not, and toppings.
Chick'n Bubbly offers various flavors of milk tea, green tea, smoothies and slushies, which can be topped off with tapioca pearls, jelly in flavors like pineapple and lychee, and popping boba.
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Union Square's Newest Bubble Tea: Teazzi Tea Shop

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A new Taiwan-based bubble tea shop has opened its doors in the neighborhood. Teazzi touts its high-quality leaves and freshly brewed tea -- it sells its loose-leaf four season tea and golden oolong tea on its website as well as in-store -- and its signature offerings include honey golden oolong milk tea and strawberry golden oolong milk tea. The shop's provides toppings like oats and brown sugar tapioca, as well as common options like grass jelly, aloe and pudding.
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New Store Opening in September and October in MacArthur Centre

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Tapioca Go Bubble Tea and Poke Bowls will open in MacArthur Center next month. The café is known for its selection of bubble teas, which have tea, flavors, milk, sugar and chewy pearls made of tapioca, fruit jelly or other ingredients. The bubble tea varieties include winter melon milk tea, ginger milk tea and smoothies made with rose and lychee.
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Noble Tea Brings Boba to Sawtelle

Buy bubble tea in Los Angeles, California
A new Taiwanese spot, offering bubble tea, snacks and more, has debuted in the neighborhood. The fresh arrival to Sawtelle is called Noble Tea. On the menu, expect to see an assortment of organic loose-leaf brewed teas, such as lavender milk, fresh grapefruit black, sea salt cream and brown sugar milk slush with boba.
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Here's Where You can Get Bubble Tea in Metro Vancouver

Buy bubble tea in Coquitlam, British Columbia
Gong Cha Bubble Tea, a Taiwanese bubble tea chain, is expanding with two more locations in the Metro Vancouver area. The well-known chain currently has two locations on Robson Street in Vancouver and No. 3 road in Richmond, with the grand openings of a Joyce location and a Coquitlam location right around the corner.
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Bubble Tea Chain Happy Lemon Comes to Downtown Bellevue

Buy bubble tea in Bellevue, Washington
This international chain specializes in milk teas but also serves up slushies, matcha drinks, bubble waffles and house specialties. Try staples such as green tea with salted cheese, red bean pudding matcha latte, cold brew with rock salt crema and kiwi matcha latte. Or opt for a seasonal offering like the strawberry black tea with lychee jelly.
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